Georgetown keeps a list of outside scholarships that may help make college more affordable for students. Many of these scholarships are renewable (you can get them for all four years of college), but there are also often GPA requirements associated with maintaining them. Outside scholarships will reduce the total amount you owe for college (we stack these scholarships on top of any other GC aid you are already receiving). 

Students may also use work-study money to help pay for college. While work-study is often listed on a financial aid letter, this money is not automatically applied to a student’s bill. The initial bill is due before the student is employed and earning work-study. Students must get an on-campus job in order to be eligible for work-study funds. They also have the option to use their wages to help pay for things like car insurance or their cell phone bills. Students who are interested in getting an on-campus job can use TigerNet to help them in their search. To access TigerNet, visit The Portal, click on Departments, and then select Center for Calling and Career. From there, students can click on Resources & Programs, clicking on the TigerNet icon to see a list of current on-campus job postings.


The Office of Student Financial Planning needs a final, official copy of your high school transcript before they can add any aid to your bill. Please make sure that you submit this transcript to Admissions immediately once you graduate from high school.

If you want to use loans to help pay for college, it is important to accept your loans on your financial aid offer. You can do this by checking a box to accept your loans and signing your financial aid offer. The Office of Student Financial Planning cannot apply loans to your account until you complete this process. You must also complete entrance counseling and your master promissory loan in order to receive your loans.

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